Plasma Table Fume Extraction

Extract Plasma Cutting Fumes, Gases, and Dust

General Information

A CNC plasma table is usually one of the workstations generating the most fume in a factory. We can provide you with a simple yet surprisingly efficient solution to this problem. We offer a line of fume extraction nozzles for plasma torches. The Teflon nozzle will resist the harsh conditions of the process and is interchangeable if needed. An aluminum base with a flexible hose connector installed on the torch holds it. We can reach efficiencies close to 100% at a very competitive installation and operating cost as we can do the job with minimal airflow. We generally use the same vacuum unit as for the welding stations.

Recommended Applications

Plasma Cutting

Our plasma torch fume extraction nozzles can be adapted to almost every CNC plasma table. It will make a world of difference in your factory. Contact us for more information.

Highlighted Benefits


A fume extraction nozzle offers an optimal fume capture rate for CNC plasma tables.


The Teflon nozzle is designed to last in the extreme conditions created by a plasma torch.

Low Cost

You can truly fix the plasma cutting fume problem with a minor addition to your plasma table.

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