Wedling Fume Extraction Hoods

Robotic Welding Fume Extraction

General Information

We can engineer and manufacture fume extraction hoods for almost any welding robot or workstation. It will be designed specifically for your application and plant to optimize cost and efficiency. Length, width, attachment, and finish are some of the parameters we can adapt. We will also provide you with the perfect vacuum unit and dust collection system for the best results.

Welding curtains can also be added to protect the process from wind drafts and protect people around the robot from radiation, sparks, and dust.

Recommended Applications

Robotic Welding

In most cases, fume extraction hoods cannot protect a welder as their head would be between the welding area and the hood itself. But they are perfect for robotic or automated welding and offer an unmatched fume extraction efficiency in this case. In addition, our welding fume extraction hoods are designed for continuous operation and require minimum floor space.

You could also use a fume extraction MIG gun on your robot to save on operation costs, as it would require extracting much less air for a similar result.

Highlighted Benefits

For Welding Robots

A fume extraction hood offers an optimal fume capture rate for robots. We are usually able to get 100% of the fumes.

No Maintenance

Once installed, the hood can extract welding fumes for years without any maintenance required.

Custom Made

Your fume extraction hood will be designed to optimize the cost and efficiency of your welding robot.

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