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General Information

Look no further if you are looking for a welding fume extraction arm built to last even in harsh manufacturing environments. The Henlex Capture Arm is the most durable. There is no plastic pipe and no flexible hose. The arm’s complete metallic construction makes it sturdy, safe, low maintenance, and able to operate at high temperatures. It can be adjusted without any tool and stay in any position you need to extract welding fumes. In addition, we will manufacture the arms to the perfect lengths for your workstations.

Our unique, robust design offers effective extraction at lower airflow rates than conventional and larger arms. Fumes can easily be vented from the building without requiring make-up air since the overall flow rate is low. It is a durable, reliable system at an affordable price.

Recommended Applications

MIGTIGFlux-CoredStick – Robotic WeldingAluminum

The Henlex Capture Arm is perfect for any welding application (TIG, Stick, etc.) where the weld length is usually less than a foot and a half. A fume extraction AIRGOMIG could be even better for MIG welding, but a Capture Arm will work. This product is also suitable for welding booths, small welding stations, labs, and welding schools where students work on tables to practice. The arms can be installed on a wall or a beam and easily reach anywhere within up to 20′ and cover more than 600 sq. ft. It is also a viable solution for a welding robot that welds in relatively small areas (like a welding lathe, for example).



  • 3″ (75 mm) diameter
  • Weld length up to 9″ without moving the arm
  • 3′ to 10′ length
  • 3′ to 15′ extension
  • Airflow control
  • Two patented friction joints + one 360° rotating joint


  • 4″ (100 mm) diameter
  • Weld length up to 12″ without moving the arm
  • 4′ to 10′ length
  • 3′ to 15′ extension
  • Airflow control
  • Two patented friction joints + one 360° rotating joint


  • 6″ (150 mm) diameter
  • Weld length up to 18″ without moving the arm
  • 5′ to 10′ length
  • 3′ to 15′ extension
  • Airflow control
  • Two patented friction joints + one 360° rotating joint

Detailed Specs

  • Complete metallic construction, no flexible hose that could be damaged or punctured, no maintenance
  • Lower airflow needed compared to conventional source capture arms (cost savings)
  • Unobstructed airflow design for better performance
  • Airflow control
  • Wire mesh to avoid external objects from entering the arm and blocking the airflow
  • The user can later modify the length
  • No tools necessary for adjustments
  • Interchangeable nozzle
  • Sturdy, safe, durable, and elegant design
  • Stationary systems save on valuable floor space by being attached to the walls of a facility
  • 5-year parts warranty
  • Simple installation with wall brackets (optional table or ceiling attachment).
  • A dielectric fitting is included to isolate the arm from the ground.
  • 360° rotation
  • External and tool-free adjustment
  • 360° rotating joints at the wall attachment and extension end
  • Two patented aluminum friction joints adjustable by hand
  • One 360° rotating joint to properly and quickly position the extraction nozzle
  • Large positioning handle to move the arm in all directions
  • The nozzle can be changed with simple pressure on a spring
  • Manual control damper to increase or decrease the airflow
  • Aluminum: tubes, friction joints, and position handle
  • Powder-coated steel: wall attachment, wall extension, adjustment handles, and nozzle
  • Stainless steel arm
  • Custom or FDA approved coating
  • Custom-made nozzle
  • Table, ceiling, or custom attachment
  • Shutter valve

MIG Welding

Stick Welding

Highlighted Benefits

Easy to Use

The Capture Arm can be positioned and operated without tools simply with one hand.


Once correctly adjusted, the Capture Arm will stay in position to offer a reliable extraction.


Our design is the most durable in the industry. When properly used, no maintenance is necessary.

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