Dust collector


PH Series Particle Arrestors


The particle arrestors in the PH series are basic filtration systems, which provide protection to the ventilators and turbines from debris that might accidentally be suctioned into the network.



Technical specifications and performances


Serie Maximum
Inlet Ø
PH 10000 CFM Ø 6” @ 24”




SD600 Dust collectors


The SD600 dust collector model is a multi-use high efficiency filtration system. It is built on a standard 45 gallon tank, which allows for the transfer of the filtration module onto another tank, when the latter has to be disposed of or emptied. It can be used as a mobile or stationary filtration station. Several options are available in terms of the filtering media. It can thus be used for dust, fumes or for the elimination of odours. 6” diameter inlets and outlets.



Technical specifications and performances


Model Maximum
Collection drum
SD600 1000 CFM 225sq*ft 99.9% à 0.3u 45 gallons




DPH Dust collectors serie


The dust collectors in the DPH series are high efficiency modular downdraught filtration units, with a non-stop filter cleaning system. The unit only requires frontal access for maintenance purposes. The unit is all-inclusive with a particle deflector, a non-stop pulsation cleaning system, a compressed air reservoir, an access door to the filter section, an accumulation tank, a control panel with a sequencer and indicator showing the condition of the filters. The whole is covered with a baked polyurethane polyester finish.



Options available

  • Reinforced construction for pressure differential of up to 120” of H2O
  • Explosion vents and rupture disk
  • Pressure equalization system for the use of bags in the tank
  • Various types of filtration depending upon the application
  • Self-cleaning blast-gate for the tank
  • Sprinklers
  • Customized control panel
  • etc.


Technical specifications and performances


Collection drum
DPH2 750 CFM 450sq*ft 99.9% at 0.3u 24 or 45 gallons
DPH4 1500 CFM 900sq*ft 99.9% at 0.3u 24 or 45 gallons
DPH6 2250 CFM 1350sq*ft 99.9% at 0.3u 24 or 45 gallons
DPH8 3000 CFM 1800sq*ft 99.9% at 0.3u 24 or 45 gallons
DPH10 4000 CFM 2250sq*ft 99.9% at 0.3u 24 or 45 gallons





Filtration Cartridge


Model Material Length Holding Gasket Outside

CE : Cellulose 14'' ST : 1/4'' hole JS : standard gasket G : Grill
CP : 80/20 26'' SP : without hole JP : peripheral gasket T : Tape
80% Cellulose 20% Polyester 36'' DI : drop in    
    PL : mounting plate    

SB : spun bond
SB PTFE : Spun bond + PTFE

F : Needle felt *Other length available      
* CE not available for 36'' length   *JP or JS when both ends are open * DI model don’t need this spec.  

*other cartridge models are available on request.