Capture arm

  • 100% metal construction, no flexible hoses
  • Length can be easily adjusted by the user
  • No mechanisms in the air flow
  • No tools necessary to adjust the arm
  • Volume control, interchangeable nozzle, 360˚ joint
  • Available in 100% sanitary Inox construction
  • Robust, long-lasting, elegant and manoeuvrable
  • Available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” diameters

The Henlex extraction arm, in contrast to conventional arms, does not consist of a flexible hose that could potentially be damaged or pierced. In addition, it can be used at higher temperatures.


Its very diversified applications can just as effectively meet the needs of sanitary sectors, to handle emissions in laboratory or pharmaceutical settings, as well as for industrial applications involving welding fumes, sawdust, oil emissions, etc.


The length of the arm can be determined in accordance with your needs and can cover a surface of more than 150 Sq Ft. A wall extension (WE) provides a way to expand its coverage to more than 600 Sq Ft.



Model Tables


Items Descriptions # Options 2"0


Standard A
Sanitary S O O O O
Autres X O O O O

Length of arms
3' (1,0m) 3
5' (1,5m) 5
10' (3,0m) 10 O O O O
Other X O O O O

Number of friction joints

1 1R O O O O
2 2R
3 3R O O O O
Extraction nozzles Conic nozzle NC
Linear nozzle NI. O O O
Special nozzle X O O O O





Volume control CV O
Shutter SV O O O
360° rotating joint JO
Integrated muffler SI O O O O
Adapator for flexible AF O O O O






Bases de montage

Table TB    
Wall WB
Ceiling CB O O O
Other XB O O O
Extension 3' (1,0m) WE3
Extension 5' (1,5m) WE5
Extension 10’ (3,0m) WE-10
Other extensions WE-X O O O O
  • = standard construction O = optional construction
Conception and design are patented.


  • Model V3A6-2R-NC-CV-JO-WB
  • Model V4SX-2R-NC-CV-JO-WB