Downdraft Tables

Grinding and Plasma Cutting Dust and Fume Extraction

General Information

Our downdraft tables are made for heavy-duty applications, mostly plasma cutting and grinding. They come with interchangeable metal blades on the work surface, a guillotine valve to turn the suction off, a dust tray at the bottom, and easy-access metal mesh prefilters to prevent sparks from getting in the ducts.

In addition, we can customize their dimensions for you and will provide you with the perfect vacuum source and dust collector. Finally, we offer optional, removable side and back metal walls to stop high-speed particles while grinding.

No more mess to clean up with our heavy-duty downdraft tables.

Recommended Applications

GrindingPlasma Cutting

Grinding and plasma cutting often go hand in hand with welding. Our downdraft tables will do a perfect job of extracting fumes and dust.

There is a misconception that downdraft tables are suitable for welding fume extraction. But it is nonsense to extract welding fume naturally going up at high speed from the bottom. So, either downdraft tables don’t work for welding fumes, or the airflow needed to make them efficient is cost-prohibitive.

Use a downdraft table for plasma cutting or a grinding workstation, but not for welding.

Highlighted Benefits

Perfect for Grinding

With optional side and back walls, a downdraft table will stop high-speed particles and extract them.

Perfect for Plasma Cutting

Our heavy-duty design and interchangeable top blades will be perfect for a process like plasma cutting.

Low Maintenance

Change the prefilters and top metal blades, empty the bottom tray when needed, and your table will last for years.

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